Virtual Serial Port Driver (vCom)

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Virtual Serial Port Driver (vCom)

Virtual Serial Port Driver (vCom)

System Dependencies
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Applicable Hardware: N/A

Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

vCOM driver build 226a written by N8VB.

vCom is use to create virtual com ports (null modem cables) to allow CAT and keyer control to other programs from PowerSDR

vCOM is a virtual Com port, like your RS-232 port. You can use it to have PowerSDR communicate with another application, like Ham Radio Deluxe, without adding hardware Com ports and making jumper cables to go between the Com ports; each application wants its own, dedicated Com port.

CAUTION: This program only works properly on Windows XP, it is a 32-bit application only and is no longer updated by the author.  It is recommended that you use an alternate virtual comport/null modem software application if you are not using Windows XP.

Also see the VSPManager or Com0Com virtual serial port driver as an alternative to vCom.

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vCom Driver Install Package (version 226a)

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