TeamSpeak - Quick Start Guide

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TeamSpeak - Quick Start Guide

TeamSpeak - Quick Start Guide

System Dependencies
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Content provided by: FlexRadio Systems Engineering

What is Teamspeak?

Teamspeak is a web based group conferencing server which supports up to 50 simultaneous conversations. This was instituted October 2004 for FlexRadio users to have worldwide voice communications 24x7x365. Except for occasional brief server maintenance, there have been very few outages.

The only thing you will need to have to get on Teamspeak is an Internet connection and a PC microphone, soundcard and speakers. Just install the client software in Windows or Linux and you can connect to the server, and chat with many other SDR owners. Even Dial-up connections work fine!

You can find all the information you need in the links in red in this message or in my Signature. Please read the Quickstart Guide for helpful set up hints before attempting the connection. Then click on the link to get the Client install program from the internet and install per the Quick Start Guide.

The Teamspeak Quick Start Guide is available below as KB Source Document.

Server Address:
Password: Flex4U - (Case Sensitive)

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KB Source Document(s):

Teamspeak Setup Quick Start Guide

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