K9DUR VoiceKeyer Program

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K9DUR VoiceKeyer Program

K9DUR VoiceKeyer Program

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     1.10.0  
  Applicable Hardware:     N/A 

Content provided by: Ray, K9DUR

Current Version: Refer to the K9DUR web site for the most up to date versions of the software and dcoumentation.

This third-party Flexer provided program is a digital voice keyer designed specifically for use with PowerSDR, both for contesting and for general operation. Unlike most digital voice keyer programs currently available, it allows you to specify the sound card used to send the audio to the transmitter. This allows you to use VAC to send the audio to PowerSDR. Using Com0Com, or another virtual serial port driver allows you to control PTT via a serial port, leaving the CAT serial port available to another program, such as your logging software.

NOTE: Although designed with PowerSDR in mind, VoiceKeyer.exe can be used with any transceiver by directing the audio to the PC speakers & using a standard hardware sound card interface to the radio.

Download & run the VoiceKeyerSetup installation package from the K9DUR web site. This will install VoiceKeyer onto your computer. The default location for the program is C:\Program Files\RNA Software\K9DUR Voice Keyer.

You should also download the VoiceKeyerUserManual to view the user manual for a complete description of the operating features of the program.

NOTE: VoiceKeyer.exe requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 which must be downloaded & installed separately. You may download the installation package directly from Microsoft or from the K9DUR website. The file is about 235 Mb in size. If you already have PowerSDR (PB-PAL test version) installed and working (or any other software that requires Version 1.1 of the .NET Framework) , then you do not have to download & install the .NET Framework again.

You also must download & install Microsoft DirectX 9, either from Microsoft or from the K9DUR website.

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