My Postings to the Reflector are Not Showing up?

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My Postings to the Reflector are Not Showing up?

My Postings to the Reflector are Not Showing up?

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The most common reason your post to the Reflector is not showing up on the Reflector is because you are sending the e-mail post from an e-mail account that is different than the one you used to sign up for the Reflector.

It is a requirement that all postings for the Reflector are originated from the e-mail account you used to sign up for Reflector posting privileges.  This is an anti-SPAM mechanism to help prevent unwanted e-mail from flooding the Reflector.

The most common problem is people using an e-mail "redirect" account such as the ones offered by the ARRL.  You can not use an e-mail address such as to sign up for the Reflector.  It must be an actual e-mail address.

Refer to Item #1 in the new-subscriber welcome message e-mail that was sent to you when you successfully subscribed to the Reflector for more information.

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