Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPmanager)

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Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPmanager)

Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPmanager)

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The Null-modem emulator (VSPmanager) is a 64 and 32-bit signed kernel-mode virtual serial port driver for Windows. You can create an unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs and use any pair to connect one COM port based application to another.

VSPmanager is use to allow CAT, PTT and keyer control to other programs from PowerSDR

VSPmanager is a virtual Com port and virtual null modem cable, like a physical RS-232 port and a null modem cable. You can use it to have PowerSDR communicate with another application on the same computer via a CAT protocol, like loggers and digital mode programs, without adding hardware Com ports and making jumper cables to go between the Com ports since each application wants its own, dedicated Com port linked with a null modem cable.

You can also use a virtual serial port to key PowerSDR.  Some ham radio digital mode applications use a com port to assert RTS and/or DTR to key a radio.  You can do the same thing with PowerSDR using a virtual comport.  NOTE: THis is not using a CAT command to transistion the radio from receive to transmit and transmit to receive.  You are just "bit banging" the serial interface to key the radio and no upper-level communications protocols are being utilized by the com port.

The VSPmanager Project web page is located here

You can download the software from the project web page.

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