Connecting a Computer Headset to a FLEX-3000 & FLEX-1500

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Connecting a Computer Headset to a FLEX-3000 & FLEX-1500

Connecting a Computer Headset to a FLEX-3000 & FLEX-1500

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     N/A  
  Applicable Hardware:     FLEX-3000 & FLEX-1500  

Content provided by: Butch, K8KO (submitted by Ernest,  W4EG)

It is possible to use wired computer type headsets with the FLEX-3000 and FLEX-1500 after a bit of modification. Computer headsets are inexpensive and will provide a good alternative to more expensive communications headsets. While some can be cheaper, the ones that are purchased for more than $20 USD usually have better performance and audio quality.

Computer head sets microphone elements require a bias voltage to operate. Fortunately the FLEX-3000 and FLEX-1500 microphone connector provides for this bias voltage, but it does require a small circuit to provide the proper filtering and voltage. Refer the the schematic below


For this project, I cut off the end of an Ethernet cable to mate with the F3K female RJ-45 mic connector. I then glued a 3mm female stereo connector to it. The two resistors and capacitor were then soldered in dead bug fashion. Not pretty, but it works.

The FLEX-3000 and FLEX-1500 mic connector does not have pins for audio output, but that is not a problem because most typical computer type come with separate mic and speaker plugs.


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