Setting Up PowerSDR with a DDUtil and BobSMeter

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Setting Up PowerSDR with a DDUtil and BobSMeter

Setting Up PowerSDR with a DDUtil and BobSMeter

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     1.18.6 
  Applicable Hardware:     N/A 

Content provided by: Dave, WO2X

BobSmeter-Flex, is a "free floating" graphical representation of an analog style S-meter for PowerSDR.  It uses PowerSDR CAT commands to poll the receiver's signal strength and display it.

PowerSDR can be configured to operate with BobSMeter and other CAT enabled programs using DDUtil by K5FR.

This article covers the software configuration to allow PowerSDR to communicate to DDUtil and BobSMeter.

Step 1.) Install VSP Manager

For more information on VSPmanager, refer to the following KB article Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPmanager)
Download VSPmanager at:

Open VSPManager by clicking start/VSPManager.
  • Make sure PowerSDR is closed (and close DDUtil if already installed)
  • On the right side set End 1 of the virtual com port pair to COM11 and End 2 (the other end of the virtual com port pair) to COM12 (if these com ports are available on your PC - you can choose any com port paring you like). This virtual com port pair will connect PowerSDR's CAT port to DDUtil
  • Click create pair. You should hear the new hardware confirmation tones if you have Windows Sounds enabled and speakers connected to an enabled sound card in your PC.
  • Now create another pair COM13 and COM14 using the steps above that will be used for the BobSMeter connection.
  • Then click options/refresh display. Expand Virtual ports and you should see COM11 and COM12.
See the example below.

Step 2.) Configure PowerSDR's CAT port

  • Click on PowerSDR to start program
  • From the PowerSDR Menu Bar, select Setup
  • From the Setup screen, select the CAT tab
  • Configure CAT control as per the following screen shot for the baud rate, parity, data and stop bits.
  • Under ID as: select PowerSDR.
  • Once you change the settings click on Enable CAT check box
  • Click Apply and exit
See the example below.

Step 3.) Download and Install DDUtil

Download DDUtil from and install it.

Next, launch DDUtil and set the port tab as per this screen shot.

See the example below.

Step 4.) Download and install the BobSMeter from Woodbox Radio

Download the BobSMeter from:
  • Unzip the file to a folder on your PC and open the ConfigSmeter-Flex.txt with notepad.
  • Change the ComCat1 line (second line down) to ComCat1=COM14
  • Save the ConfigSmeter-Flex.txt file and close notepad.
  • Start PowerSDR
  • Start DDUtil
  • Launch the BobSmeterFlex.exe to start the BobSMeter.

You can position the S-meter on top of PowerSDR and it will remain in the foreground, even when PowerSDR is in focus.

Here's a screen shot of my radio with the BobSMeter running.

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