CWSkimmer Configuration Without Using Direct I/Q for the SDR-1000

CWSkimmer Configuration Without Using Direct I/Q for the SDR-1000

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     1.10.0  
  Applicable Hardware:     SDR-1000  

Content provided by: Mark, MØMRR (web page)

CWSkimmer is a neat little program that decodes multiple cw signals all at the same time. This is my particular information relating to setting up CWSkimmer to work with my SDR-1000 and Edirol FA-66  soundcard.

  • PowerSDR and the SDR-1000 must already be setup to operate CW with either a key or using the CWX (keyboard) form to send CW.
  • A virtual com port (Com0Com or vCom) must be setup for CAT control.
  • The CAT parameters must be setup in PowerSDR (port, baud rate, and number of stop, data and parity bits)

The program can be downloaded from Afreet Software and has a 30 day trial period after which it must be purchased for a nominal fee. Installation of the program is straightforward by following the prompts.

 Figure 1

You can see the PowerSDR program in CWU mode with standard settings (VAC is NOT enabled)

Figure 2                                                                         Figure 3

For the Audio settings (Figure 2), I selected:
  • Signal I/O = Edirol FA-66 In 2
  • Audio I/O = Edirol FA-66 Out 1 (not applicable, but it needed a selection)
  • Left/Right = Q/I

For the Radio Settings (Figure 3), I selected:
  • Hardware Type = SoftRock-IF
  • Audio IF = 9600,
  • Sampling Rate = 96kHz (same sampling rate as the FA-66),
  • CW Pitch = 600 (same as the Pitch frequency in PowerSDR CW Mode Controls - see Figure 1)

                  Figure 4                                                            Figure 5

Default settings for CAT control set up to match the CAT configuration in PowerSDR for the virtual com port data parameters

Here are a few stations being decoded at the same time - what a neat little program!

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