High Quality USB Cables

High Quality USB Cables

  System Dependencies
  Minimum PowerSDR Version:     N/A 
  Applicable Hardware:     Any USB based SDR 

Content provided by: Tim, W4TME

The utilization of high quality USB cables in any high RF environment is an absolute necessity and not all USB cables are constructed the same.

In addition to keeping unwanted RF out of a computer and a USB connected software defined radio, USB interfaces also have the ability to emit RFI, therefore a well shielded USB cable with ferrite chokes are essential for mitigating RFI issues. 

When purchasing a USB cable, it is important to recognize that there are different specifications of USB cables that are delineated by their maximum data rates and the amount of current handling capacity, since USB cables can provide 5.0 VDC voltage to a target device from a host computer. 

If you need to purchase additional USB cables for your USB enabled software defined radio, make sure that you purchase cables that conform to the USB 2.0 or higher specification.  These cables are designed for high data rates and in order to achieve these higher data rates with no data loss, better quality materials and and manufacturing to stricter tolerances is required.  To ensure that the cables you purchase have met the required USB 2.0 specifications, look for the certified "HI-SPEED" USB logo shown below on the product packaging.

The USB 2.0 cable shown on the right is an example of a high quality USB cable.

The USB cables provided with FlexRadio Systems software defined radios are of very good quality and are sufficient for most applications.  If you have a situation where the SDR is in a high RF environment, you may want to consider a high quality USB 2.0 cable.

Below are some links to USB cable manufacturers and suppliers that are know to have high quality USB cables.

DJ TechTools (www.djtechtools.com)
Hi-Quality USB 2.0 Cable 

USBFirewire (www.usbfirewire.com/)
A-B USB 2.0 Cables
This company has a variety of angled USB connectors.  You may be interested in an "up angle B" connector for use with the FLEX-1500

Tendon (www.tendonusq.com)
USB 2.0 Cables

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